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Everybody's watching...they could be watching YOU.

Charter Media Creative is a video production company based in Madison, WI with offices throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Charter Media Creative sets the stage for how your business is viewed. We help you visualize, concept, design, write, shoot, edit and deliver your visual message with creativity, innovation and integrity. With compelling video content that can be used on any screen, Charter Media Creative inspires results.

Video Production Madison WI MN MI Videography Studio Web Video Editing Post Production Commercial HD High Definition TVFOCUS – On the strengths of your business and have Charter Media take your creative needs from concept to completion for use on any screen.

CREATIVITY AND QUALITY – OUR TEAM of award winning producers, videographers, designers and editors will help you inform, create awareness and build a positive image for your business with the power of video.

TECHNOLOGY – We have state-of-the-art media facilities, staff and technologies to keep your video production on track and within budget. Use the REQUEST FOR QUOTE area on this site to discover how we can help with your video needs.

SAMPLE CREATIVE – Charter Media Creative has a vast creative library. Using the OUR WORK area on this site, you can find the right piece of creative to showcase our talents and see what we can do to showcase yours.

Video Production Madison WI MN MI Videography Studio Web Video Editing Post Production Commercial HD High Definition TVCLIENT REVIEW/APPROVAL – We offer our clients online review and approval of their video production and web design projects. Utilize this website to LOGIN, review your current projects, request changes or approve content directly on the site. Once approved, all of your content is stored on the site for future reference and viewing

COST-EFFECTIVE & CONVENIENT –Eliminate involving multiple vendors for your video needs with competitively priced content creation services under one roof.  Whether on location or in studio, we create compelling content including web videos, corporate videos, marketing videos, presentation videos, TV commercials, custom productions for internal use, digital design pieces and more. 


CLOSE TO HOME – With locations and personnel throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, Charter Media Creative has the professionals close to you for your video production and digital design needs. We have offices and award-winning personnel in or near the following locations to help you wherever you need to be:

Minnesota: Duluth; St. Cloud; Twin Cities; Rochester; Brainerd

Wisconsin: Madison; Eau Claire; La Crosse; Wausau; Janesville; Sheboygan

Michigan: Saginaw; Marquette; Traverse City; Grand Haven; Kalamazoo